All restrictions regarding Covid-19 have been lifted by the respective authorities so the wearing of masks is now entirely optional.

The seating restrictions and distancing requirements are no longer required.

In October, we plan to re-instate Sunday evening services and even include some social time around snacks. Coffee and tea between services on Sunday morning has also re-started.

With all of the restrictions being lifted we would also remind everyone that we have a number of people who attend that are particularly vulnerable to all sorts of viruses and we ask that everyone be sensitive to their needs. Not everyone is ready for close personal contact yet and some of us are protecting family members that we care for. Feel free to wear a mask or sit distanced from others should you desire.

Zoom coverage of our services is continuing for now and will be assessed in the coming days and weeks. Some of our speakers will use this option if appropriate but most will now be live.

The elders and deacons will continue to assess the situation with respect to Covid-19 and its variants and any updates will be posted here.